Heated Airer

Introducing the Heated Airer: Efficient and Convenient Laundry Drying


Experience quick and efficient laundry drying with our Heated Airer. Equipped with 20 aluminium heated bars, this innovative solution reaches temperatures up to 55 degrees, ensuring speedy drying for your clothes. Its lightweight Y-shaped design features 2 folding wings, maximizing drying capacity, especially for bedding or curtains.


Our Heated Airer operates with a built-in heating source that minimizes environmental impact while providing cost-effective drying at a low energy cost. After use, it conveniently folds flat into a compact size, making storage a breeze. With rubber feet on the base, stability is enhanced, preventing any slipping when weighted. Take control of the heating operation with the on/off switch, offering convenience and ease of use.


Key Features:


  • Powerful 230W airer with 2 foldable wings
  • Fast drying with temperatures up to 55 degrees
  • 20 generously sized aluminium heating bars
  • Efficient storage with foldable design
  • Lightweight and portable for added convenience
  • Enhanced safety and stability with anti-slip feet
  • On/off switch with indicator light
  • Cost-efficient with low energy consumption
  • Item dimensions: H94.00cm x W147.00cm x D54.00cm
  • Packaging Type: Full-color box


Invest in our Heated Airer today for hassle-free and efficient laundry drying.


Product Code SR20301

Winged Clothes Airer

Introducing our Large Drying Space airer, designed to efficiently dry a large load of laundry. With its flat top design and wide wings, it provides an impressive 12.5 meters of hanging space, ensuring ample room for your clothes to dry effectively.


Constructed with extra-strong steel, this airer offers excellent stability even when fully loaded with wet clothes. You can trust that it will remain steady on the floor, providing a reliable and secure drying surface.


For even faster drying, the side wings of the airer can be easily expanded and placed next to a radiator, taking advantage of the heat to expedite the drying process.


Not only does this airer offer convenience, but it is also an energy-saving option. By opting for this eco-friendly alternative to tumble drying, you can save money on energy bills while contributing to a greener environment.


When not in use, the foldable design allows for easy storage, making it an ideal choice for homes with limited space. Simply fold it up and tuck it away until it's needed again.


Key Features:


  • Large drying space with flat top and wide wings
  • Stable construction with extra-strong steel frame
  • Side wings for faster drying near a radiator
  • Energy-saving alternative to tumble drying
  • Space-saving foldable design


Invest in our Large Drying Space airer today and enjoy efficient, stable, and eco-friendly drying for your laundry.


Product Code SR20001B

Three Tier Clothes Airer

The OurHouse Three Tier Clothes Airer and Drying Rack, With three levels of drying and additional hanging space.


The three-tier clothes airer you described is custom-designed to maximise drying space. Its shelving system allows for flat drying or hanging clothes over the rails, while still ensuring air circulation for quick and effective drying. 


The additional racks on either side provide extra hanging space, accommodating up to 6 coat hangers per wing. Unlike other airers that require assembly, this pre-built design ensures sturdiness and durability over time. I


t can handle up to 20kg of wet laundry, making it suitable for drying full loads, including bedding and heavy clothing. Moreover, the airer is easy to store with folding legs and manoeuvrable with castors for convenient positioning.


Dimensions H162 X D135 X W55,  


Product code SR20070


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